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David Moran (USA) :

I have been an upgraded member of a "popular" matrix system for 2 years, my income = $0.00. I have been an upgraded member of GAS a bit over 1 year, my earnings = $1,277.49 and growing! Thank You Admin!

Michael Norman (USA) :

I joined GAS (Global Ad Share) around their 1 year birthday. I'm at Level 5 with the new (13 days new) Platinum cycler now; only 2 more levels (after this one) to REAL PAYDIRT - a $9K payment!! I've been in a lot of programs of this type. This is the closest I've ever come to hitting the big money in any program I've been involved with!! Thanks sooooo much, M & A (the geniuses of GAS)!!!

Rollin Darbouze (USA) :

This is the most progressive program that I have seen online up to now. I am glad that I joined when I did. I invite all who don't think they will get rich fast to join.

Robert Smith (USA) :

I have been making from day one. I only wish I had more money to put into my ad packs so I could make more money faster.

Ovie Gbashomiren (Nigeria) :

GAS is the most wonderful way to earn on the net. Kudos!

Jeff Ratu (Australia) :

I think the program is great, it is easy to get in and I think there is a lot of opportunity to make a lot of money when sharing it to the world. I would definitely recommend it to others.

John J Mbugua (Kenya) :

Advertising business will always be at the front of things in the world. At GlobalAdShare, you get to let the world know about your business; placing products or services right to the DESK TOP or phone of your clients.

While advertising your business, you also earn good money in the process.

I was able to withdraw my earnings from my Global AdShare account at midnight and bank the same into my Equity bank account from the comfort of my home office.

I withdraw the amount from the bank on 27th November 2014; it works. Join GlobalAdShare and earn with me.

Having been engaged in several online businesses where I have earned thousand and hundreds of dollars which I cannot withdraw todate, and watching other programs fold up and run with my capital, it is a great deal to see a company that actually pays out real money to members.

Believe you me that there are very few of such; Global AdShare is one of the 2% of companies that pay.

To earn, join but also buy Standard ad Packs, Premium Ad Packs, 2x2 Ad Packs, mini ad Packs, Turbo Ad Packs, Mega Ad Packs, Express Ad Packs, Birthday Ad Packs and cylers.

Put in your money fearlessly- it is safe.

You can join from any Country.

I wish you well. JJ Mbugua

Noland Kimble (USA) :

I want everyone to know that i'am very happy with Global Ad Share.
I think everyone is new to the internet should join.
Its that easy to make money with Global Ad Share.
I love it, I will stay till the end and I do trust Global Ad Share, because some of these websites that you join isn't nothing but a scam. I have been taken more than once thats how I know. Now I have fallen in love with Global Fortune11 and it is paying off.

Thank you GlobalAdShare & GlobalFortune11.

Tom Robarge (USA) :

I have earned $70.10. The total I have invested is $80.00 so I have not reached the break even point yet.

Since I am looking for the long term benefits I am investing in more ad packs with the funds I earn. I would have not earned as much as I have if I only purchased the Standard pack each month as required.

So how much will I earn from all the ad packs purchased?

Mini ad packs purchased 4, final pay out for each Mini $42.50 X 4 = $170.00

Standard ad packs purchased 8, final pay out for each Standard $255.00 X 8 = $2,040

Turbo ad packs purchased 1, final pay out for each Turbo $20.00 X 1 = $20.00. This ad pack also creates positions in the P and P2x2 cycler so potential income is unlimited.

Express ad packs purchased 2, final pay out for each Express $20.00 X 2 = $40.00. This ad pack creates a new position upon completion so potential income is unlimited.

For a total of $2,270 minus the $61.00 I reinvested in ad packs equals $2,209 with unlimited income potential in the Express and Turbo ad packs. Not bad for a $80.00 investment.

Just for your information the P cycler pays out $10.00 with an re-entry upon completion and the P2x2 pays out $18.00 with entry into the P cycler and re entry in to the P2x2 cycler upon completion.

It takes time for each of these ad packs to cycle. But considering the return on investment it is well worth the wait. I know of no other form of investment with such a high yield available today considering the low risk factor involved.

Steven Hunt (USA) :

Finally a "Honest, Paying Program" I have been a "Main Matrix" member for less than 2 months and have 11 active ad shares. I have earned over $37.00 already and have been paid $10.58 already and just put in another $20.58 withdraw request. I highly recommend this. Win Win Daily Cash Never Ends!!!

Thank you
Steven Hunt

Carey Petrovic (Australia) :

Thank you GAS, you've just made my day with a payment to my processor acct. It's good to have such a program pay, and pay on time. Keep on keeping on GAS.

Mike VanS (Austria) :

I never thought about that function to get money but after 3 months I must say WoW!

Cristian Toso (Italia) :

Aggiornato al 28/10/2014
È valido questo sistema,ho già guadagnato di più di quello che ho investito
Active Ad Packs: 73
Expired Ad Packs: 108
Lifetime Earnings: $1,381.5174
Cash Purchases: $-902.0000
Cash Withdrawals: $-347.0000
Cash Transferred: $-5.5000
Cash Received: $0.0000
Account Balance: $127.0174

Translated to English:
Updated 10/28/2014
It applies this system, I have already earned more than what I have invested
For Active Packs: 73
Expired Ad Packs: 108
Lifetime Earnings: $ 1,381.5174
Cash Purchases: $ -902.0000
Cash Withdrawals: $ -347.0000
Cash Transferred: $ -5.5000
Cash Received: $ 0.0000
Account Balance: $ 127.0174

JeanClaude Zamor (USA) :

GAS is one of the best. It's a sure way to make money and withdraw it without any trouble. I hope more people will seize that opportunity. Congratulations to the Administration for such a well balanced program.

Marcel Gagnon (Canada) :

I just received my 9th consecutive withdrawals, always no problem... great site.

Wilson Freire (Ecuador) :

He buscado por más de 2 años una programa de afiliados online honesto, serio y que paguen rápido sin excusas y GlobalAdShare ha cumplido mis expectativas,,,recomiendo GAS a todas las personas en especial a nuestros amigos latinos.
Att. Wilson Freire

Translated to English:
I searched for more than 2 year ± os one affiliate program online honest, serious and pay fast without excuses and GlobalAdShare has fulfilled my expectations. I recommend GAS to everyone especially our Latino friends.
Att. Wilson Freire

Manuel Arjona Moll (Espana) :

Todo perfecto, llevo ya casi 8 meses y desde el primer día cumpliendo, recomendable al 100% pagan perfecto.

Translated to English:
Everything perfect, I've been almost 8 months and from day meeting, recommended pay 100% perfect.

Teresa Kopea (Polska) :

Program bardzo mi sie podoba.

Translated to English:
I really like the program.

Widya Octaviani (Indonesia) :

This is easy program and thanka for my payment.

Kadrija Prsic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) :

I Signed 16 Sep 2013

Here is my Stat:
Active Ad Packs: 100
Expired Ad Packs: 166
Lifetime Earnings: $3,094.8595
Cash Purchases: $-2,401.0000 <-- from profits
Cash Withdrawals: $-427.5000
Cash Transferred: $-154.0000
Cash Received: $46.5000
Account Balance: $158.8595


Michael Barrow (USA) :

I joined GAS last month, September 9th. I am so pleased that I upgraded and started buying adpacks daily because now I am seeing my earnings grow every day. I recently received my first payout a week ago and quickly purchased 2 more adpacks. It is now October 13th and GAS members September earnings grew by over $1 million dollars! I currently have 37 adpacks and am buying between 1 to 3 packs daily, some are out of my earnings. That's equal to $52 of revenue in one month. My next goal is to get to 66 adpacks which will earn approximately $100 in revenue a month and should be there in approximately 10-12 days.

Here are my stats:
Active Ad Packs: 37
Expired Ad Packs: 0
Lifetime Earnings: $43.1381
Cash Purchases: $-26.0000
Cash Withdrawals: $-10.0000
Account Balance: $7.1381

This program really works just like the law of compound interest. No one here is getting rich quick. We ARE building wealth consistently and steadily.

Get signed up, upgrade, purchase adpacks, and earn today!

Kenneth Horseman (UK) :

I'm writing this testimony because I joined this business 9 days ago have not signed up any referrals yet and have not done anything yet and I paid $15 and I've already made $8 back cant beleave it that's without doing anything. I'm very happy so far.

Thomas Robinson (USA) :

Thomas Here: Been with GAS for over a year now and I have to say that this System is the Best yet. I have had no problems with payments nor withdrawals. Here is hoping that we be around for another hundred years. God Bless.

Alireza Jabbari (Iran) :

Wow! GAS is the best program, I can't believe my earnings grows fast! Thank you admin... :)

David Watts (South Africa) :

I started in January 2014 with a "Pay it forward" from an online friend. I have made over USD400 and withdrew money twice already. I wanted to delete my account a few months ago. So glad I didnt. Other companies are starting to following suite, but
GAS is tops.

Praveen Gaddada (India) :

I received my first requested payment. Currently having 15+ active shares and 1 referral. I love GlobalAdShare and one of the best potential earning site.

Ivan Hunt (USA) :

I am excited! This is the first time I have been in a so-called "passive income" program that is really working. I am making money and so far I have not recruited anyone.


Thanks Admin,
Though it is bit late, still I got my first ever withdrawal... good job, keep it up.

Mia Cin (Malaysia) :

Thanks admin.

I got my withdrawal within working business day as promised.

Nice admin, nice program, live longer.

Mario Galvao (Portugal) :

Just love GAS:

Matrix P2x2-1 completed. $6.00 16 Sep 2014 21:20
Matrix Mini-1 completed. $20.00 16 Sep 2014 23:15

Mokhtar ZHAR (Maroc) :

I have joined for 1 month and I'm getting commission after commission and it works so good.

Dorian Williams (USA) :

I joined GAS on Sept 3 2014 and I upgraded the same day a few days later I bought a birthday pack few days later I cycled a matrix Amazing advertise your business and make money you can't beat that at all I missed out last year with this advertising income generating platform and kicking myself in the butt now GAS is here for the long haul and I am expecting to be generating a huge income just with the power of leverage don't sleep on this I highly Recommend GAS you will profit fast here so stop waiting put your feet on the pedal in Gas out with GAS and Team cashinout!!!!!

Conuccio Giorgio (Italia) :

I am very happy GaS !!!!
Every day gain ever more and withdrawals are always accurate.
Long live x GaS

Mario Galvao (Portugal) :

Congratulations - 1 year old.
How many Rev.Shares can say the same?? Just love the way you improve each day!!

Peter Bertelsen (Denmark) :

Received my 3 payment of $25 today, Now withdrawn $50 since I signed up in March 2014. Today I have 21 active adpacks, 4 cycled mini adpacks and 12 incomplete mini adpacks. Great :)

Eddie Brown (USA) :

I am happy with GAS... THANKS IZZY!!
Withdrawals are processed in a timely manner... Looking forward to many years of something that works.

Jeffrey Rhoton (USA) :

I have only been a member a few days and already have earned enough money to buy more ad packs. Finally a real and honest company that does what it says it will do. Thank you so much.

Achonu Pius (Nigeria) :

Hmmmm.. wow at last this is what my heart has been desiring for a long time now. I regret I didn't know about GAS till 14th of this month. Well I bought all the Adpacks plus Subscription and guess what? I am making money already. I am a Nigerian and will advise every Nigerian who cares to come on board. If you join thru my link (solution), I will help you to succeed as I am doing now. Thank God all I lost in 'JBP' I seem to be be getting it back with this great program. Remember my user name is solution.

Christoph Johann Schwendinger (Austria) :

I am very happy with GlobalAdShare (GAS). I joined it on 22nd of January 2014 and I must admit that I was skeptical because I have been scammed too many times. But the risk I took was rewarded until today ( August 26th, 2014). I am in profit! I paid out of my pocket $155.00 and have been paid $185.00 until today. And I had some great exposure of my banners. Congratulations to the GAS Team! Many Blessings!

Christoph Johann Schwendinger (nemackazaba) / Upgraded

German Version:
Ich bin sehr glücklich mit GlobalAdShare (GAS). Am 22. Jänner 2014 habe ich mich angemeldet und ich muss zugeben dass ich skeptisch war, weil ich zu oft schon betrogen wurde. Aber das Risiko, das ich auf mich genommen habe, wurde bis heute belohnt (26. August 2014). Ich bin in der Gewinnzone! Aus eigener Tasche habe ich $ 155 bezahlt und bis heute $ 185 ausbezahlt bekommen. Und meine Banner fanden bemerkenswerte Verbreitung. Gratulation an das GAS-Team! Alles Gute!

Christoph Johann Schwendinger (nemackazaba) / Bezahltes Mitglied

Carey Petrovic (Australia) :

Good program to be in as they pay you on time every time.

Abdul Hamid Mohammad (Malaysia) :

I really love GlobalAdShare. It is an honest site and it pays. There is no hassle in doing business here because you just buy your ad packs and then you go ahead to do other things without worrying about your money. The system does everything for you.

Till now I have 6 ads pack, 2 standard, 2 mini & 2 express. Will surely buy more in near future.

I have withdrawn for the first time few days ago. Thanks admin.

Ulises Hernandez (Canada) :

GlobalAdShare is a wonderful and very serious company. I have 71 active ad packs and 3 expired ad packs. I suggest this very serious company that pays all winnings instantly with the administration. Good work and God bless you for this great work.

Petra D (Deutschland) :

Ich bin jetzt ein halbes Jahr bei GlobalAdshare und sehr zufrieden mit diesem Programm. Das neue Express-Adpack ist sehr gut, so dass ich versuche noch ein paar davon zu erwerben. Ich kann das Programm mit gutem Gewissen weiter empfehlen.

Translated to English:
I am now half a year at GlobalAdshare and very satisfied with this program. The new Express adpack is very good, so I still try a few to acquire them. I can recommend program with a clear conscience.

Ralph Mohler (Austria) :

Hello Pips !

GlobalAdShare ist eine super Seite, mit meinen 8 Werbepaketen habe ich schon über 200% mehr bekommen und refinanziere locker weiter inklusive dem Mitgliedsbeitrag.


Translated to English:
GlobalAdShare is a super site, I've gotten already over 200% with my 8 advertising packages and refinance loose further including the membership fee.

John Lederer (USA) :

I LOVE Global Ad Share (GAS)!! I started GAS on April 2nd, 2014 & I earn money EVERY DAY with GAS! I haven't made any withdrawals, because my strategy is to purchase adpacks with all my earnings.... for the first year. So far, I have earned $76.52 and that is ONLY from the $15 monthly adpack purchase and a handful of referrals!

NO recruiting is required OR marketing (unless you choose). GAS ROCKS! Support is awesome too! I usually get a response in minutes. NO scam here folks! GAS is REAL & it WORKS!

John Lederer

Leboya Joshua (South Africa) :

GlobalAdShare is the best online program to make money up to so far, I only have 45 active ad packs and 80 U.S dollars has been paid to my Paypal account. The withdrawal request can only take up to 72 hours, thumbs up to Gas. Good luck.

Bob Wyatt (USA) :

Hey folks. Bob Wyatt here again, U.S.A. (wereblessed). I bought just one EXPRESS AD PACK & just in a few days I have cycled three times. I & how many thousands enjoy reaping the benefits of this GREAT OPPORTUNITY. Two more cycles & it starts all over again. WOW, if your looking for a HOME, you are at the right place, at the right time.
Bob Wyatt

P.S. GOD BLESS OUR GREAT LEADER for his intellect to build such a program for the masses. (puts food & other things in our lives) may God richly bless you & yours.

Kerry Gaynor (UK) :

It takes me a lot to get excited about online programmes these days, but when I joined GlobalAdShare I got excited straight away. I saw the potential to promote your own business and to make some extra cash at the same time. If you are not a member-well you should because you are missing out.

Edrisa Muwanga (Uganda) :

I really love GlobalAdShare. it is an honest site and it pays. There is no hassle in doing business here because you just buy your ad packs and then you go ahead to do other things without worrying about your money. The system does everything for you.

I have just withdrawn for the 2nd time now. It is unbelievable.

Big up GlobalAdShare.


Bernd Beutel (Deutschland) :

Das ist ein gewinnbringendes System und hat großes Potenzial. Ich kann es immer weiterempfehlen.

Translated to English:
This is a profitable system and has generated a great potential. I can always recommend.

Harold Williams III (USA) :

I just purchased my first Express Ad Pack merely hours ago, and it already cycled and I earned $4.00. Wow!!!! Come on join and don't miss out.

Ilona Zirne (Germany) :

This program is the best!

Alicia Curtsinger (USA) :


Michael Lashmar (UK) :

This Program Is Fantastic.
This Program Is Here for the long term.
Here's my stats

Sponsored Members: 18 [ Details ]

Account Status: Your account is upgraded.
Your subscription started on: 10 Mar 2014 08:10 AM
Number of subscription payments made: 5

Active Ad Packs: 51
Expired Ad Packs: 22
Lifetime Earnings: $458.9906
Cash Purchases: $-417.0000
Cash Withdrawals: $0.0000
Cash Transferred: $-33.0000
Cash Received: $0.0000
Account Balance: $8.9906

Harold Williams III (USA) :

This program is for real people. Don't let it pass you by.... you will be sorry!!!!

Michelle Schmitt (USA) :

I just got paid recently. Thank you Global Ad Share! :D

Ashton Locke (USA) :

I Love This Site At first I Was Worried About It But In The End It Turned Out Good Thumbs up Great! Another One That I Can Trust.

Ashton L , Tx

Michael Allingham (USA) :

I joined GlobalAdShare (GAS) nearly a year ago. I love the fact that I can purchase ad packs using my account balance that all my money that I make goes into. AND each month I renew my subscription, I get a STANDARD Ad Pack to help me to continue to grow and make money. THANK YOU GAS!!

Daniel Kuria (Kenya) :

I am impressed by Global Ad Share this July 7th 2014 and want to recommend it to all. Thanks dear G.A.S Admin, my upline, and all members here. My Skype: Mista Kush.

Claudia Ansit (Philippines) :

Lots of OnLine business i've been but only GAS is the Best so Far. I even tried to cash out in my 2 weeks time and its Real Cash..Thank you and more Power to the Founder and Owner.

Zakir Ansari (United Arab Emirates) :

Global Ad Share (GAS) is a very genuine and dependable online opportunity. I am an upgraded member since the day it was launched - 3rd Sept 2013. I would like to THANK GAS Admin for such a wonderful program and for paying out $3,000,000.00 in 10 months to all its members.

I am so convinced about the program that I am giving away $15 (One Month Subscription amount) to all my referrals.

Eric Perez (Philippines) :

Since I joined the world of online business, I am now engaged in more than 10 sites. But GlobalAdShare is the best among the sites. This is my No.1 online business primarily because I'm earning continuously here compare to others !!!

I have now a regular job. As much as I want to, I cannot spend more hours online but still I earn from this. In GlobalAdShare you don't need to surf forever and no need to promote (optional only). No referrals needed.

Ed Noctor (Ireland) :

Hello to everyone who reads my testimony. I joined GlobalAdShare program just a few months ago, and I can honestly vouch for GlobalAdShare. I make a passive income just by following the simple instructions in GlobalAdShare, which I already have received my monthly membership subscription back ten-fold. I would also like to add, GlobalAdShare pays on time, and you don't have to wait 14 days or a month for your earnings. GlobalAdShare does what it says and more. It delivers good traffic. So if you are serious about earning a passive income, then Join Us Here, and watch your wallet grow! Ed

Paula Rocha (Portugal) :

GAS is the best online business ever. Always pays and the owners are very concerned at keeping the program alive. The support is excellent!

Active Ad Packs: 81
Expired Ad Packs: 130

Lifetime Earnings: $1,971.2438
Cash Purchases: $-1,363.0000
Cash Withdrawals: $-364.9900
Cash Transferred: $-190.8500
Cash Received: $17.4800

Account Balance: $69.8838

Thank you GAS! :)

Alan Wright (USA) :

No hype or BS here! I've tried so many other ways to make money on the internet, only to end up with a smaller bank account and a trail of broken promises and outright lies! GAS is the real deal! This is not some fly-by-night, here-today-gone-tomorrow scheme! I've been enrolled with GAS for a month and I've already made more than about 10 of the failed programs I was previously associated with COMBINED! And no, GAS is not paying me for this testimonial; I do this of my own free will! Why not join us so you can share YOUR story?

Harold Williams III (USA) :

I have been with the company about one month and I am pleased so far. My account has earned $50 thus far. I can't wait until December to see what happens when my account starts cycling. I am so excited.

Michael Canteen (USA) :

This is one of the best money making programs ever that I've seen I can't wait to make more money with this program.

Anat Kriv (Estonia) :

The more best that I can not find in the Internet programm to earn money stable and trust. Thank Admin and Team.

Zekija Jukic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) :

GAS is the best!

Thanks for my new, (so far biggest payout).

It looks like this

AW & Associates sent you $185.00 USD

Transaction ID: 8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dear Zekija Jukic,

AW & Associates sent you a payment of $185.00 USD.

Zekija J.

David Moran (USA) :

With only 27 active ad packs I am very close to $600 lifetime earnings with GAS. This is twice as much money as I made being the monitor of Circular Round-Up back in the 1990s. Global Ad Share is fantastic for anyone who needs to EARN. In fact I have lost interest in most all other programs out there! Great Work!

Leny Lim (Singapore) :

I truly love everything about GAS. The admin support is TOP Notch! I am getting paid nicely into the balance every day. What else can you ask for? I'm surely contented with such program. Loving it!!

Aaron Curtis (USA) :

So I spent the better part of a year searching for a way to make money from the internet I bought into a lot of scams and gave away a lot of my hard earned money for absolute garbage, that is until I discovered GlobalAdShare. The best income opportunity out there I mean look I have made over $400.00 and the more ad packs I purchase the faster the money grows that is it easy peasy, gravey, butter what ever you want to call it GlobalAdShare is the number one way to make money online hands down.

Thanks GAS
Aaron Curtis

Sofiane Chebil (UAE) :

GAS Is the Best long term program ever. God Bless !!!

Surfina Caluang (Philippines) :

GlobalAdShare is the best site ever! You will earn without clicking, just buy adpacks. I joined just one month ago with one mini adpack and upgraded immediately and got free standard adpack. Now, I have already 7 adpacks, every time I earned $5 I purchased mini adpack. What are you waiting for, Join GAS now!

Abderrahim Zeribi (Algeria) :

I wanted to thank all the team of GlobalAdShare for their efforts and their serious. It is very rare to find a program like yours serious and stable so congratulations.

Alvin Swift (Malta) :

The best program on the net, easy money and you don't need referrals to earn, referrals is just an option.

Claudia Taganas Ansit (Philippines) :

I really love globaladshare. Since I started, the happiness and excitement I feel everytime I login make my day complete. I can see that I am really earning, the more I give the more I receive. Thanks a lot, I am among the members who are friendly specially my sponsor who introduced this to me. More power to the Founder.

Rashmiya Mijani (Philippines) :

Hello, my name is Rasmiya from Philippines, Lamitan, Basilan. I just joined last March 14, 2014 here. GlobalAdShare is Amazing. The best online business ever tried!!! Now look

Active Ad Packs: 19
Expired Ad Packs: 8
Lifetime Earnings: $226.8042
Cash Purchases: $-207.0000
Cash Withdrawals: $-10.0000
Cash Transferred: $-93.0000
Cash Received: $117.0000
Account Balance: $30.8042

Global Ad Share is the best among the rest!!!

Noel Tanjil (Philippines, Zamboanga City, Baliwasan grande) :

Hello everyone!

Global Ad Share is really great online program, very easy to make money without big effort I just joined last march 12, 2014 and I invested 20$ I bought a mini adpack worth of 5$ and purchased the upgrade for 15$ after 2 months:

Lifetime Earnings: $261.8545
Cash Purchases: $-182.0000
Cash Withdrawals: $-25.0000
Cash Transferred: $-101.3000
Cash Received: $48.5000

and I tried to withdraw within 24 hours I received the money in my paypal.. awesome. Come and join with us start make money now.

Mark Handford (UK) :

If you are looking to avoid all the ' get rich quick ' scams out there and just want an easy, honest and PAYING program then GlobalAdShare is the one for you. The best I have been involved in for the last 10 years!!

Mark Handford

Graham Bennett (Scotland UK) :

I'm so glad I found Global Ad Share, I have tried many other programs online, and to be honest most of them suck big time! But that is not true of this site, I joined up yesterday 4th June 2014, and upgraded my membership straight away, plus I purchased all available Ad Packs, because my moto is in for a penny in for a pound. Less than 12 hrs later, and I'm already starting to make Commission, this site is superb!!!!

Live Long & Prosper, Graham.

Phillip Howard (Australia) :

Wow what a great program, you really can make money with this!!! Thanks guys!!!

Sandesh H R (India) :

GlobalAdShare is one of the BEST website to earn money online, as easy as you wish.

Mary Magistro (USA) :

I have reluctantly avoided posting a testimony for several reasons but now I must say that Global Ad Share is the absolute BEST program on the internet today that I have found. I have been online trying to find that one program that is not a scam, that does not take my money and run, that actually does what it says it will do and I have found it finally in Global Ad Share.

I thank my sponsor for referring this program to me and I thank him for being consistent with his nudge to join. I joined September 2, 2013 and 9 months later, my lifetime earnings have surpassed the $5,000 mark. Is there any other program online today that can produce these kinds of results? I think not.

If you are straddling the fence on whether to join this one, it really is a no-brainer. JOIN TODAY! JOIN NOW!

Reckson Mhlongo (South Africa) :

GlobalAdShare (GAS) is the most reliable site of all the websites I have done business with.

Keep it up GAS Team.

Raymond McLean Jr (USA) :

This program has blown me away! Upgrade and you will see for yourself. Way to go Global ad share...

Madison Durow (USA) :

This site is awesome... I have already made $162.00 since I joined a few months ago. And all the profit I make, I re-invest right back, in getting more ad packs. GAS is really a money maker, as long as you continue to invest your profits... I love this site. Hope you all join and give it a try, you will not be disappointed. Blessings.

Sofiane Chebil (United Arab Emirates) :

Best program ever and of course best admin! THANK YOU!

Dorothy Akrong (Ghana) :

GlobalAdShare is really rocking and it is paying, Join it and you will never regret, I have been paid twice.

Do not waste time join the wagon !!!

Sherry Tsai (Australia) :

I joined on 30 Mar 2014 Until TODAY 30 May 2014 I have spent $271 out of my pocket.

Active Ad Packs: 39
Expired Ad Packs: 0
Lifetime Earnings: $121.2204
Cash Purchases: $-95.0000
Cash Withdrawals: $-11.0000
Cash Transferred: $0.0000
Cash Received: $0.0000

I love GAS, the customer service is very good. Reply my question within ONE day;
most importantly, GAS DOES PAY! ^_^

My short tern goal is to take my money back and keep buying ad pack with my earning daily.

My Lifetime goal is $30,000 per MONTH!

ABOUT $$$ Right now is about THREE working days to received payment so be patient.

Carey Petrovic (Australia) :

Just one of the few out there that are actually paying and paying very quickly. It's good to see that there's no problem with paypal unlike the others that tell you that they have put a stop to payment and therefore have frozen all monies. That's what you call a ponzi. Best wishes to all at Globaladshare for being so honest.

Gemma Bilenki (UK) :

My Father Andy (speedster264) gave me this awesome program for my 21st birthday on may 11th. I was blown away by what he done for me with this program, I am working it to his knowledge of the program and i'm flying. Thanks admin for being honest and my father for trusting in you.

Here is my stats so far:
Active Ad Packs: 110
Expired Ad Packs: 163
Lifetime Earnings: $2,335.6265

Happy earning :)

Susan Bilenki (UK) :

GAS is awesome earning daily,there is no better around that pays again and again, trusted admin. My husband is also a top earner with this program and loves it just as much as I do.

Here is some stats:
Active Ad Packs: 151
Expired Ad Packs: 231
Lifetime Earnings: $3,701.4373
If your not in this you should be.

Susan Bilenki (speedster265)

Peter Bertelsen (Denmark) :

WoW, requested withdrawal $40 Friday, Monday I recieved them on my paypal. Member since 01/03-14. Today I have 11 mini + 1 mega + 2 standards and still buying.

Kevin Allen (USA) :

3 Straight months in the program and collecting. Great Ad program to boot. They have a good system here and I'm in it for the long run. Can't wait to see year 5 of this program.

Rickey Martin (USA) :

Finally a company that stands behind it's words.. Proud to promote it!

Whitney Black (USA) :

Global Ad Share is awesome! The first time I made a withdrawal I was so happy to see that it was a legit working program! It really works too, my income is growing everyday, this program is the best one I've come across in the last 5 years! I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to make a nice income online.

Ajie Joseph nku (Nigeria) :

Woo! hoo! I have just cycled my first mini level 1 which netted me $20, this money will be used to buy 2 more standard positions right away!

Rustam Rysbekov (Kazakhstan) :

It's like a drop of water, imperceptibly it drips slowly from day to day then bang and a lot of money, it's just super and I wholeheartedly love GlobalAdShare.

Chris Seals (USA) :

Hello my name is Chris and I live on social security disability, and only collect money from the government to live on. I am not able to work because I am paralyzed from the neck down and have no use of my arms or legs. I use a mouth stick to type with on my keyboard, and also use voice activation with Dragon Dictate.

Global Ad share is now giving me the ability to earn extra money by just reinvesting the monies that I am given from their company when I advertise their business. The total amount earned so far is almost $1000 since I began in October.

I've joined many programs since 2000 and this is the only one that has paid me more than $50. I will stay with Global ad Shares to reach the top of my possible earnings!

I hope you do too!

Chris Seals

Michael Lashmar (England) :

Joined this program 2 months ago, upgraded straight away.
Purchased mini ad pack for $5 whenever I could. I now have 33 ad packs earning me $3.30 every day and I haven't included the bonuses for cycling. My aim is to keep buying ad packs until I earn $97 per day (that is the maximum allowed to purchase adpacks). So then Im buying the maximum and I keep doing that everyday until eventually I will have ad packs cycling every day as well as earning me $145.50 everyday.

This is amazing.
Join now!

PS. Join under my link and I will transfer $5 into your accont to get you started. My username is mormax

Abdul Hamid Mat Isa (Malaysia) :

I have been very Happy with this Program so far. I am happy with the earnings that I have made and I am excited to see what is to come.
Thank You Admin.

Sterg Mats (Greece) :

I just received my 2nd payment of $30 in just one day !!! Great site. I will support it and reinvest again and again. Thanks Global Ad Share. Keep up the great job.

Donna Jackson (USA) :

I requested a withdrawal yesterday and received it today. I'm very pleased with the program.

Zakir Ansari (United Arab Emirates) :

After spending more than a decade in Online Opportunities, I found Global Ad Share (GAS) as the No. 1. And, I am sure many will try to copy GAS's compensation plan, and I know one company already done it. I am proud to be a part of this opportunity from the day one. If you are looking for a profitable & sustainable online opportunity, then join GAS today.

Leonides Sumayan (Saudi Arabia / Philippines) :

I can say that this program is real because every time I request for withdrawal, I am receiving the money within 24 hrs. This program is what I'm looking for and this will give a good future for me and to others.

I was a member in many different online programs in the last 2 years but I have not get even 1 cent.

Thanks to my Sponsor for this Global Adshare.

Best Regards,

Aneesh Jonwal (India) :

I am very thankful to my sponsor who gave me bonus for joining this site 4 months ago otherwise I would never have found this wonderful site. I can just hope that this site remain active for lifetime, if that happens then I won't require an actual job to fulfill my desires!!!
Thanks admin and my sponsor
Please keep rocking like this always

John Hensley (USA) :

Hello Just a short note to say this the best of the best in revenue sharing. All I can say is give this your attention.
Thanks John

Carrie Odgers (USA) :

GAS is the real deal. They deliver what other programs only promise~ I thank god for finding this program.

Peter G. (USA) :

God Bless G.A.S.!!!

Peter G.

Vatrecia Flowers (USA) :

I am very well pleased with this program, However I started out with with 1 Ad Pack. The following day purchased another $5.00 mini Ad pack. Now I currently have 4 Active Ad Packs, And I have made money with this program like no other so far.

The greatest thing about this program is that you don't have to refer anyone just to make any money. Its totally up to you, but also the more you refer the more income potential you can have.

Also I have to admit that I've been getting paid daily with this program also I certainly recommend, buying as many ad packs you can.

Niels Louman (Netherlands) :

First I hesitated to join GAS, not knowing what to expect. So I started as a free member.
It took a while to become an upgraded member, but now I make aprox. $1.50 a day.
Whooo Ha
GaS is stunning, join too and you'll understand why people love GaS.

Folks you rock big time!!! Thank you.

Spyridon Nikoloudakis (Greece) :

I received my first payment in just 24 hrs. This site is just AMAZING!!! I am very happy to be here!

Bob Wyatt (USA) :

Hello ADMIN. You are great, you are helping sooo many people in need of an extra income. I came in, then upgraded the same day & watched an increase every day in my income. Make no mistake about it. This admin will be BLESSED big time for their HONESTY & INTEGRITY. Lord, if I only had the funds I lost on so many TRAPS out there, I know where I would put it. I could be earning a GOOD amount daily. No bank anywhere can even come close to the returns I am receiving. In 11 short days I have bought more with my PROFIT money. THIS IS HANDS FREE FOLKS. And NO CLICKING. WOW. THANKS MUCH, Bob Wyatt, Hot Springs, Arkansas. THE REAL DEAL FOLKS. P.S. MADE IN THE GOOD OLE U.S.A. (money when you need it)

Graham McCallum (UK) :

I have just received my latest and 16th payout from this wonderful program within hours of the request. GAS really is a breathe of fresh air and I am truly blessed to be a part of of this honest and paying program. Do not sit on the fence wondering whether to join or not - GET IN NOW

Graham -aka screwball

Gregory Osborne (USA) :

Outstanding! Plain and Simple GAS is an absolute Winner, I joined the system about 2 months ago and already my stats are simply awesome. See 4 Yourself>>>

Active Ad Packs: 53
Expired Ad Packs: 21
Lifetime Earnings: $434.7477
Cash Purchases: $-414.0000
Cash Withdrawals: $0.0000
Cash Transferred: $0.0000
Cash Received: $0.0000
Account Balance: $20.7477

As you can see, I've simply re-invested my earnings back into the system purchasing Ad Packs. I've withdrawn nothing and plan to reach 100 active Ad Packs before I withdraw ANY cash, by then, my money will be at a level that the money accumulated Daily will be really exciting>>> GAS Rocks...Also, I only have 5 referrals but soon plan to really recruit seriously>>> WOW...

Ivan Baudino (Italy) :

Your withdrawal request was successfully completed.

$10.00 was paid to your account.



Pagamento ricevuto in meno di 48 ore dalla richiesta, semplicemente fantastico.
Grazie admin!!

George Waring (USA) :

My second withdrawal within 24 hours of request. I am very happy with GlobalAdShare.

Philip Culver (USA) :

All I can say is WOW wow wow wow. How great is this!

Aurica Constantin (Romania) :


Samuel Rodriguez (Honduras) :

I have known and worked some businesses that offer online advertising services; but none I have found the advantages I have found in GLOBALADSHARE: transparency and business ethics; security; effective and efficient support; earnings daily; instant system purchases; cashing very fast, at an average of 24 hours. With confidence I recommend this business.

Ton van de Merwe (Netherlands) :

This program is one of the best I joined the last 3 years The program is designed for long duration. Your request for payment will be realized within a few hours. I started as a free member with $5.00 and bought some mini ad packs and upgraded and now I can buy ad packs from my earnings (compounding). Why did I upgrade? You can earn a lot of money with a one-time payment program. But those programs depends solely on new signups and are not sustainable.

Kind regards,
Ton van de Merwe

Jan Teuber (Sweden) :

This is a fantastic opportunity to say the least to be in! I'm paid every time in order. Top Admin with a great service.
Thanks a lot.

Alvin Swift (Malta) :

The best program I ever been, earning everyday what do I want more, its impossible not earning money.

Stergios Matsas (Greece) :

In less than a week I earn and get my first $20, which I invest again here. Thank you.

Mihai Dragos (Romania) :

It's a great program. After just 2 weeks of enrollment got FREE UPGRADE with just one AdPack bought + $5 in balance. I recommend to all who want to earn money! Thanks GAS admin!

Ajie Nku (Nigeria) :

This seems to be the best program so far, i joined on 03/04/2014 with the $15 subscription and payment of $5 for a mini adpack and today 04/04/2014 (in one day) i have already made $2.13 as profit. Without any doubt am sure better times are here so try and join up.

Paul Slater (England) :

This is the best programme I have been in in over 10 years. I have already withdrawn 4 times to my paypal account there is no programme as good and as easy as this one. Join now and enjoy the ride.

Tertius Lantigimo (Indonesia) :

This program is fantastic. This will help many people in need. Hope this can stay long and not turn out to be like those that are gone after a few months.
This program brings hope to many people all over the world.
This program is highly recommended.

Philip Culver (USA) :

Global Ad Share is the best program online. You earn quickly with GAS. Finally a program that works. If you are thinking about joining.....go for it.

Washburn Woolery (Jamaica) :

This is my 1st testimonial just want to say that is one of the best sites on the net, they are living up to their expectations I am earning steadily and I received my withdrawal in a timely manner well done and thanks for letting me be a part of this great program.

Derozier Etienne (USA) :

The best to make money online. I just joined last week I start making money come in and join us.

Aaron Curtis (USA) :

I Have tried a lot of programs and failed a lot of times. This opportunity is not one to take lightly, the earning potential is simply mind blowing. if you have not signed up yet, don't delay this program will set you free if you use it right. Wow thanks I couldn't be more pleased!

Jim Wright (USA) :

I have enjoyed watching my money grow! I invest and re-invest when I am able. For such a small start up...anyone wanting to make an online income needs to seriously consider Global Ad Share...NOW!

Asif Goraya (Pakistan) :

This is the Greatest Program I ever Found. My Daily Earnings Are Increasing and I am Buying Adpacks Daily. I wish This Site To Hit Not Only Millions But Billions in Earnings.

Asif Goraya

Jitendra Goswami (India) :

Wonderful site!! I have not seen such type of earning potential in any site on the globe or in my career as an online worker! People join this as early as you can & upgrade yourself early here. Thank you very much to "GAS" team for nice co-operation!!

Sheila McKee (USA) :

It's an awesome site. It works. Each day I'm more amazed. I really do like my "Gas" account. Thank you smart people and may God bless you.

Brian Loften (USA) :

I have tried dozens and dozens of programs over a course of 20yrs. Never made a dag goner thing. Lost money over and over UNTIL GAS. GAS is hands down legit and I can't believe how my account totals increase everyday doing absolutely nothing. Unbelievable ! Thank you for someone thinking this up. Great stuff !!!

Gliceria Romano (Philippines) :

I really love this program as I am earning without any surfing needed. I used my income to buy new ad pack and just watch my earnings grow each day.

Alexandra Ebeling (Germany) :

I love my GAS, it is a simple to understand, fair and paying (got my money in very quick time- quicker than estimated!) possibility to earn money!
Thanks a lot!

Michael Champion (USA) :

WOW!!! This program is awesome!!! I have made over $2,000 since I first started October 12th, 2013. I now have around 22 referrals with over half of them being upgraded. Thank you Asher for such an awesome program, this truly is a no brainer.

David Moran (USA) :

This is an update: From a Popular PTC Site, my Downline Stats: Referrals: 74, Referral Clicks: 45180, Referral Earnings: $5.61 --- From Global Ad Share: My Lifetime Earnings (since 09 Dec 2013): $77.15 -- So, joining Global Ad Share is like having 1018 Referrals in a PTC all clicking away madly for YOU! Thank you for doubling my Earnings!

Travis Ball (USA) :

Great program...

Leny Lim (Singapore) :

GAS is incredible!!! Asher is brilliant for bringing such an awesome making money program for all of us. His Support is TOP Notch! He is REAL!! I definitely want to be part of Asher's programs. To me, I'm truly contented in such program - having good support, no waiting on the withdrawal part, and long term sustainable. That's what I wanted and I finally found that. Much Blessing to Asher as well as his programs. And I would like to emphasize how important it is to have a great support which I found in the skype room, Andy is such a great and helpful guy. So glad to have known him. He has what it takes on. You guys rock!!! So is GAS (heart) Last but not least, GO FOR IT!! Thumbs up!!

Sandor Gocs (Hungary) :

Super good.

Ishak Latipi Mastan (Malaysia) :

G.A.S. has created "Multiple Income Streams" (MSI) that can give you cash concurrently. It takes time to understand and digest the "How It Works" explanation. One need to participate in order to find clarity. If you diligently buy the Ad Packs and at the same time observe on how the system works at the back-office, you will be amazed on how much capital you can gather here.

Imagine the ongoing cash flow if you can accumulate 50 Mega Ad Packs that will eventually create 50 new Turbo Ad Packs, 50 new P2x2 Ad Packs and 50 new P cycler Ad Packs? These well-scripted integration together with the creation of a new position back in phase 1 can be absolutely mind-boggling. Thanks to the TEAM behind the script.

Since joining in early September 2013, I am truly flabbergasted and blessed with G.A.S. The new MEGA Ad Packs is a HUGE surprise!

This is the power of Collaborative Economy !!!

Shelly Hargis (USA) :

I have been very Happy with this Program so far. I am happy with the earnings that I have made and I am excited to see what is to come.

George Waring (USA) :

These guys are the real deal. I got my first payout within eight hours of requesting it. I quickly reinvested!

Arlindo Amfana Tembe (Swaziland) :

Active Ad Packs: 33
Expired Ad Packs: 67
Lifetime Earnings: $702.35894
Cash Purchases: $-639.0000
Cash Withdrawals: $-80.0000
Cash Transferred: $-2,077.0000
Cash Received: $142.0000
Account Balance: $1.3225

I am elated, excited and very much looking forward to my immediate future! Awesome. I have tried it all, and nothing matches GAS. Above is just one of many of my accounts, and boy oh boy, am I a happy camper!

GAS is providing me with a window to showcase my other unique referral links and at the same time earning from the profit sharing pool coming from the sale of GAS adpacks.

I am earning, re-purchasing and withdrawing consistently in a balanced ratio suiting my strategy of withdrawing and growing at the same time.

I introduced my son who has just finished college and he too can't believe the benefits he is deriving from being a member of GAS.

Thank you admin, keep up the good work and continue to come up with strategies to make our GAS sustainable. Wow!

To my sponsor Sipho Nkonyane, thank you for remembering me.


Tapan Kumar Sarkar (India) :

The program is excellent.

Anthony Tesso (USA) :

One of the best and most honest paying sites on the net! PERIOD! You never have to worry about not getting paid here. This is the easiest passive money you will ever earn. Don't hesitate get in now! It doesn't matter when you start because you will earn here!

Abdul Rehman (Pakistan) :

Years of search for a good online program, Finally GAS delivered it. Internet marketers must join. My Guarantee!

David Moran (USA) :

From a Popular PTC Site, My Downline Stats: Referrals: 74, Referral Clicks: 45180, Referral Earnings: $5.61 --- From Global Ad Share: My Lifetime Earnings (since 09 Dec 2013): $39.18 So, joining Global Ad Share is like having 500 Referrals in a PTC all clicking away madly for YOU!

John Manohar (India) :

I had been 7 Years in Internet Marketing / Affiliate Marketing, But, I had never seen A Company like Its so Amazing, Wonderful and Marvelous Site that anyone who join will love this site.

It is truly and honestly paying site and any one can earn here without fear.

I Strongly Recommend Every One to Join and Earn Unlimited.

Thanks to GlobalAdShare.
John Manohar

Betty Ahamba (Norway) :

A very fast growing program with good rewards. Trusted Admin that communicates easily. Payouts are almost instant. I got paid!
Thanks to Admin.

Monika Tuttle (USA) :

I agree with George L Turner Jr aka OLDSKOOLER (USA) :

"Being In The RIGHT Place At The Right Time IS NOT The Key To Success, G.A.S Is.
Realizing That YOU're In The RIGHT Place Already And Doing Something About It Is Being A Part Of G.A.S.!!!"

Since Sept 09, 2013 [my join date]
My Earnings have reached $655.2648
I think that's just Awesome.
I look forward to making a good income for the rest of My Life here.

Thank You Asher for making this possible for us. AND FOR ALL YOUR HELP thru-out the time I have been here.


Cherie Lochead (New Zealand) :

I am extremely impressed by this programme. It is showing a steady growth and easy to either buy more ad packs or withdraw cash. The professional way the owner runs the system is also to be commended. Information is up to date and of vital interest to members. Finally I am really happy i joined. Thank you.

George L Turner Jr aka OLDSKOOLER (USA) :

"Being In The RIGHT Place At The Right Time IS NOT The Key To Success, G.A.S Is. Realizing That YOU're In The RIGHT Place Already And Doing Something About It Is Being A Part Of G.A.S.!!! I Live WELL & I Laugh OFTEN, I LOVE Every Person I Meet Until That ONE Person Gives ME A Reason Not To" Being A PART Of G.A.S. Has Even CHANGED My Feelings About That, GlobalAdShare I Thank You !!!

Bill Desjarlais (USA) :

Finally, a passive program that works! I cannot recommend this program highly enough!

Edwin Torres (USA) :

This is the best program for 2014. I join many programs but this one is my best of best. I love it.

Barbara Givens (USA) :

I simply love this program! There are so many ways to earn here. It's a perfect blend of fun & easy. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this program because I absolutely believe you will regret it if you do!

Carla Carey (USA) :

This is the easiest and best thing I have done on the internet ! I love sharing it with people too. Thanks for this program !

Adolfo Asorlin (Spain) :

Proof that when things want to do well, you can.

Travis Ball (USA) :

What a great program thanks.

Sandra Lozano (Colombia) :

Recien inicio he podido pagar mi membres... ahora estoy creciendo y ayudar a mis familiares...

Translated to English:
At start I was able to help my recruits ... I am now growing and will help my family ...

Noel Pereira (Spain) :

Excelente combinacion que te permiten generar beneficios desde el primer da. Matriz forzada y Cicladores por pagos o compras, generan ingresos pasivos para toda la vida. Gracias Asher, inteligente y efectivo sistema, Noel

Translated to English:
Excellent combination that let you generate profits from day one. Forced matrix and cyclers for payments or purchases, generate passive income for life. Thanks Asher, intelligent and effective system, Noel

Lori Sivage (USA) :

I love this place. GAS is very awesome. I couldn't believe that I was earning money the first day. This is also a great place to advertise. This is the simplest program out there. Everyone is helpful. If I can do it so can you.

Larry McNeely (USA) :

I am glad that I found Global Ad Share website and I plan to invest money in Global Ad Share for years to come. :)

Miguel Frias (Spain) :

Gran programa de trabajo! Por tan solo 5 dolares ofrece la posibiliadad de generar ingresos pasivos de por vida. FANTASTICO !!! El pago y los ciclos de la matriz a ganar comisiones rápido y una y otra vez.
Gracias Asher y GAS....

Translated to English:
Great work program! For only 5 dollars offer possibilities to generate passive income for life. FANTASTIC! Payment and cycles of the matrix earn commissions fast and again and again.
Thanks Asher and GAS ....

Muthu Muthusubramanyam (USA) :

I bought a mini adpack for $5 on Nov.3 and I have already earned $15 and also my mini-cycler has completed. This program is sure to last for a very long time and is simple to understand and promote. It also gives space for promoting my other programs!

Stephan Heidt (Deutschland) :

The best money making program I ever joined.

Richard Daigle (USA) :

I can can honestly say Global Ad Share is a legitimate, paying program from an honest Admin.
~Richard Daigle, Ads Clicks Profits

Ovidiu Apostol (Romania) :

Please take into your records my INCREDIBLE experience HERE!
** On 1st NOV, I`ve bought my first $5 mini-pack.
** Of course, I`ve gathered my profit in the balance just to be re-invested.
** So, after a while, I was able to obtain a daily profit from 2 mini-Ad-packs!
** THE BOMB: well, on 22 NOV, holy moly(!), I've cycled without having at least 1 referral! (I have promoted my link but not intensively)


Steve Thomas (USA) :

What an easy program and don't even have to know how a cycler and matrix works. Just focus on building to a point where you can buy 1 of each ad pack daily, get some referrals if you want, and the cyclers and matrices will happen. Also, one does not have to slave over a computer everyday looking at 25+ ads, just log in, build and withdraw as you wish.

Ljerka Svagel (Slovenija) :

The best working site I have met so far - there is no too many sweet promises, but everything that we can see on the site is working, works, has worked! A real site where everyone can create a steady and secure income.

Thank you,

Pete Casanova (USA) :

Nothing I can say will say it better. I am not putting any money in at this point but the screenshot is showing all the Global Ad Share deposits into my Solid Trust Pay. They are all Asher (GAS Admin) deposits. I'm lovin it.

Maris Vensbergs (Latvia) :

Great working program!!! Paying and matrix cycles earning commissions fast and again and again. LOVE GAS!!! I recommend to join!!!

Dora Lo (Brazil) :

As with every new program that launches nowadays... I was skeptic at first, but joined because of a friend. And WOW, for my surprise and delight, Global Ad Share turned out to be an AWESOME program. Its admin inspires confidence and is always improving, with more ways for us to earn and, hopefully, be able to make a good income online.

I am very thankful to this old friend who introduced me to Global Ad Share. We are both really excited for being a part of it!

Karel Borod (Česká Republika) :

Three months already earning my in Global Ad Share. Admin known from his other of the project I did not hesitate.. I must admit that this project is the best and most sophisticated and is unrivaled between similar projects. A huge plus is that the admin is very a sturdy and reliable. I believe that this project here will still be many years.

Carla Carey (USA) :

I think this is a really simple and profitable program. My funds increased a little at a time overnight ! Thanks so much for putting this together.

Barthel Stevens (Germany) :

Hallo schön das Sie die Seite von Global ad Share gefunden haben..Hier finden Sie mit abstand die beste Seite OnlineGeld zu verdienen..Einfach klasse super Support und Auzsahlungen in Echtzeit per PayPal Lg Barthel Stevens (OnlineGeld)

Translated to English:
Hello, I have found Global Ad Share .. Find with distance to earn .. Simply the best site online money super class support. Barthel Stevens (Money Online)

Ferent Misca (Italy) :

It' real...everything...i can't belive it!!! Thank you globaladshare...thank you so much!!! I hope you became the number 1 from all of the sites...

Keith Russell (USA) :

GlobalAdShare has it all. Great Advertising, Great Cycling and GREAT EARNINGS! I'm proud to show my stats and to tell the world -- Same Day Withdrawals!!!

Member Since: 03 Sep 2013 04:06 PM
Active Ad Packs: 5
Expired Ad Packs: 4
Lifetime Earnings: $83.54
Cash Purchases: $52.00
Cash Withdrawals: $-22.00
Cash Transferred: $0.00
Cash Received: $0.00
Account Balance: $9.54

Alice Owens (USA) :

It is a very good demand to make money. It also gives you the opportunity to make lifetime earnings. It is good that you can own your own business in this network.

Monika Tuttle (USA) :

Well, what a wonderful surprise for me. I am so glad to have found this excellent Opportunity to earn a REAL INCOME so quickly. I joined with confidence, since I've known the Owner for years and he is a member of all my Traffic Exchanges.

But I never dreamed that he put together such a great program.
Truly; EVERYONE can earn here. I love the daily bonuses.

Here are my stats:

Member Since: 09 Sept 2013 07:43 PM
Active Ad Packs: 8
Expired Ad Packs: 5
Lifetime Earnings: $135.64
Cash Purchases: $-85.00
Cash Withdrawals: $-40.00
Cash Transferred: $0.00
Cash Received: $0.00
Account Balance: $10.64

I also can advertise my programs and get a very good return from those as well.

I can't wait to get to the point of earning a substantial monthly income. I am so exited :)

Global Ad Share is not a here now gone tomorrow program. It will be here years from now and the sooner you join the more you will make.

Thank you so much Asher for making this possible.

Janetta Reynecke (South Africa) :

Look at my stats after I have been member here for 15 days. (I've upgraded the same day I joined, and bought 1 adpack)

Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 25 Oct 2013 21:36
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 25 Oct 2013 21:36
Cash pool bonus $2.00 25 Oct 2013 21:49
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 26 Oct 2013 09:14
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 26 Oct 2013 09:14
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 26 Oct 2013 17:02
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 26 Oct 2013 17:02
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 26 Oct 2013 23:38
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 26 Oct 2013 23:38
Commission from Teta in Reverse $0.50 27 Oct 2013 09:11
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 27 Oct 2013 11:25
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 27 Oct 2013 11:25
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 27 Oct 2013 19:30
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 27 Oct 2013 19:30
Commission from Ad Packs $0.08 27 Oct 2013 22:21
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 28 Oct 2013 05:20
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 28 Oct 2013 05:20
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 28 Oct 2013 13:12
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 28 Oct 2013 13:12
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 28 Oct 2013 19:37
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 28 Oct 2013 19:37
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 29 Oct 2013 04:21
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 29 Oct 2013 04:21
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 29 Oct 2013 15:14
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 29 Oct 2013 15:14
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 30 Oct 2013 08:51
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 30 Oct 2013 08:51
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 30 Oct 2013 16:54
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 30 Oct 2013 16:54
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 31 Oct 2013 01:53
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 31 Oct 2013 01:53
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 31 Oct 2013 10:18
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 31 Oct 2013 10:18
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 31 Oct 2013 18:15
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 31 Oct 2013 18:15
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 01 Nov 2013 01:57
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 01 Nov 2013 01:57
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 01 Nov 2013 09:54
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 01 Nov 2013 09:54
Commission blameiton in Reverse $0.50 01 Nov 2013 13:00
Commission roLoRD42 in Reverse $0.50 01 Nov 2013 13:03
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 01 Nov 2013 20:29
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 01 Nov 2013 20:29
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 02 Nov 2013 07:21
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 02 Nov 2013 07:21
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 02 Nov 2013 14:14
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 02 Nov 2013 14:14
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 02 Nov 2013 23:01
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 02 Nov 2013 23:01
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 03 Nov 2013 12:04
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 03 Nov 2013 12:04
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 03 Nov 2013 19:56
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 03 Nov 2013 19:56
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 04 Nov 2013 06:33
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 04 Nov 2013 06:33
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 04 Nov 2013 13:55
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 04 Nov 2013 13:55
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 04 Nov 2013 23:22
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 04 Nov 2013 23:22
Matrix Mini completed. $15.00 05 Nov 2013 08:40
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 05 Nov 2013 10:43
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 05 Nov 2013 18:55
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 06 Nov 2013 03:04
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 06 Nov 2013 11:58
Commission from Ad Packs $0.07 06 Nov 2013 22:09

Account Balance : $22.76

Global Ad Share really delivers. They are tops. Thank you GlobalAdShare!

Zekija Jukic (Bosna i Hercegovina) :

Na startu sam kupila "Subscription" i dodatno Ad Pack $ 10. Danas imam 8 aktivnih pozicija svih vrsta a prve dvije su istekle. Danas sam napravila moj prvi zahtjev za isplatu i bila plaćena isti dan. Ovaj program mogu od srca preporučiti svima jer ovaj tim "zna šta radi" i podrška je na najvišem nivou.

Translated to English:
At the start I purchased the "Subscription" and further Ad Pack $10. Today I have eight active position of all kinds and the first two are up. Today I made my first request for payment and was paid on the same day. This program I can heartily recommend.

Anat Kriv (Estonia) :

I like this program for its honesty. Honesty now is RARITY. Thank Admin and Team.

Enrique Garcia Carreno (Spain) :

Es fantastico el plan de compensacion y la forma tan generosa de que sea sostenible por larga vida el programa.Tengo conocidos que ya retiraron dinero.Yo estoy con mis ganancias ayudando a familiares y amigos a empezar. El mini ciclador es una excelente idea para que el 98% del mundo pueda entrar a formar parte de tan maravilloso programa. No se lo piensen mas. Tienen delante de ustedes una oportunidad maravillosa.

Translated to English:
It's fantastic the compensation plan and how generous to be sustainable long life for the program. I am with my profits helping family and friends. Mini cycler is a excellent idea that 98% of the world can come as part of wonderful program. Do not think more. They have before you a wonderful opportunity.

Cathy Redman (Canada) :

I recommend this for someone who looking for earning income, here is the greatest one to earn income. Does work for me so are you. I am glad I found here. Looking forward to the future.

Mario Laurin (Canada) :

Excellent Opportunity so far and it is not surprising to me because Global Ad Share has multiple income streams. I am now earning on 8 ad packs and I only started with 2. Now with the $5 mini ad pack every one can afford to join and earn day after day. Global Ad Share is not a here now gone tomorrow program. It will be here years from now and the sooner you join the more you will make.

Glen Murray (Canada) :

Finally a Truly Sustainable Matrix/Cycler!!

I am all in... Global Ad Shares Works!!

GrapeVine Traffic Exchange
GrapeVine Mailer

Todd Pease (USA) :

This is the Best Cycler Program I've Seen Yet. I like the way they watch-out for the little guy :)

Vilson Melo (Brasil) :

Estou muito feliz com essa empresa e sua maneira de ajudar a multiplicar a riqueza dos povos.
Sucesso sempre! Grato Vilson Melo

Translated to English:
I am very happy with this company and their way to help multiply wealth people.
Success always! Grateful Vilson Melo

Alwyn van Zyl (South Africa) :

This is the best Revenue Sharing program on the internet! I have bought 64 shares since I joined 7 weeks ago. I bought all my shares with my earnings, so I did not pay for it out of my pocket. Great program, look at my earnings below:

ID Purchase Date Cost Amount Earned Active
1378363705 05 Sep 2013 01:48 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378464327 06 Sep 2013 05:45 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378529916 06 Sep 2013 23:58 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378562986 07 Sep 2013 09:09 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378579421 07 Sep 2013 13:43 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378617571 08 Sep 2013 00:19 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378636558 08 Sep 2013 05:35 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378703777 09 Sep 2013 00:16 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378715914 09 Sep 2013 03:38 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378794023 10 Sep 2013 01:20 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378800509 10 Sep 2013 03:08 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378876414 11 Sep 2013 00:13 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378886536 11 Sep 2013 03:02 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378971554 12 Sep 2013 02:39 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1378981891 12 Sep 2013 05:31 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1379049643 13 Sep 2013 00:20 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1379063138 13 Sep 2013 04:05 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1379140155 14 Sep 2013 01:29 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1379164053 14 Sep 2013 08:07 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1379223976 15 Sep 2013 00:46 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1379241830 15 Sep 2013 05:43 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1379310727 16 Sep 2013 00:52 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1379361130 16 Sep 2013 14:52 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1379421419 17 Sep 2013 07:36 $10.00 $15.000000 N
1379499933 18 Sep 2013 05:25 $10.00 $14.979447 Y
1379551385 18 Sep 2013 19:43 $10.00 $14.610638 Y
1379619749 19 Sep 2013 14:42 $10.00 $14.201906 Y
1379718084 20 Sep 2013 18:01 $12.00 $13.654068 Y
1379754132 21 Sep 2013 04:02 $12.00 $13.395613 Y
1379756569 21 Sep 2013 04:42 $10.00 $13.311026 Y
1379831395 22 Sep 2013 01:29 $12.00 $12.936076 Y
1379906600 22 Sep 2013 22:23 $10.00 $12.333429 Y
1379906625 22 Sep 2013 22:23 $10.00 $12.333429 Y
1379968696 23 Sep 2013 15:38 $12.00 $11.980172 Y
1380052624 24 Sep 2013 14:57 $12.00 $11.523589 Y
1380093811 25 Sep 2013 02:23 $12.00 $11.270210 Y
1380179172 26 Sep 2013 02:06 $12.00 $10.784569 Y
1380221579 26 Sep 2013 13:52 $10.00 $10.578200 Y
1380269503 27 Sep 2013 03:11 $12.00 $10.295554 Y
1380346890 28 Sep 2013 00:41 $12.00 $9.803736 Y
1380371429 28 Sep 2013 07:30 $10.00 $9.711993 Y
1380431360 29 Sep 2013 00:09 $12.00 $9.363982 Y
1380481051 29 Sep 2013 13:57 $10.00 $8.928012 Y
1380518838 30 Sep 2013 00:27 $12.00 $8.748721 Y
1380607709 01 Oct 2013 01:08 $12.00 $8.344985 Y
1380691670 02 Oct 2013 00:27 $12.00 $7.935757 Y
1380709478 02 Oct 2013 05:24 $10.00 $7.840042 Y
1380776987 03 Oct 2013 00:09 $12.00 $7.517488 Y
1380865079 04 Oct 2013 00:37 $12.00 $7.111351 Y
1380895966 04 Oct 2013 09:12 $10.00 $6.881759 Y
Total amount earned : $697.05253

Dean Rampersad (South Africa) :

A truly unique advertising platform and an even better earning income opportunity. Without a doubt G-A-S is by far one of the best out there. I am very satisfied with the service i have received, especially from the owner. He has guided me all the way, he really does care about his business and the members in it. Always there to lend a helping hand, for me just that is more than enough.

I am getting amazing hits to my other sites and the daily revenue sharing I get from G-A-S is just an added bonus really.

Keep up the awesomeness :-D

Thanks & regards

Paul ODaniel (USA) :

11 days shy of 2 months and I have earned over $211.00, all starting with a $15 investment. Now I ask you, has ANY other program your in now, paid you this well ? If so :) please share it with me-because all the dozens of other programs I am in or have been, while some have paid a bit, none match or come close to this one. Thank You to the Admin., for creating such an easy program to use & be a part of, I wish all programs were this good !

Frank Freemantle (Canada) :

Should be called paid in seconds, I was.

Malik Nasir Nawaz (Pakistan) :

Hi Friends, GlobalAdShare best earning systems. I am happy

Patty Powers (USA) :

I really love this program! In just a few short days I'm earning money and it grows daily. I like that it is so reasonably priced that even people on tight budgets can afford to join and earn money daily too.

Thank you Admin for making such an incredible program. I'm sure it will grow very rapidly and be around for a very long time. Bless you!

Best regards,

Patty Powers

Kadrija Prsic (Bosna i Hercegovina) :

I have not joined on the first day, but the ten days after the launch, this program runs as fast and for those of us who joined later. One of the best programs ever!

Tracy Jupp (Spain) :

I love Globaladshare! The admin is the best you will ever find in this type of program, all of his programs I have earned from and been paid within 24 hours of request and GAS (for short) is no different but earns much much faster. If you need an income program then this is the one for everybody!

Lorraine Malley (Canada) :

Global Ad Share is an awesome program to get in on. The admin is very helpful and the support is top-notch. If you are looking for that great income generating opportunity and are still sitting on the fence, I highly recommend that you give it a try. :)

Robert Holland (USA) :

If you want to get started in a program that is working for everyone then this is the one. There is no hype; admin is working with us not against us. This is the way network marketing is supposed to work, having results that makes everyone a winner. I am seeing my earning grow every day, my withdrawal requests have been processed in less than twenty four hours, I have cycled many times in the cyclers this one is for real. Thanks for caring admin.

Andy Bilenki (UK) :

I have known admin for 10 years+ and has other great programs which are earning. I have earned every single day since I joined. I highly recommend this program to everyone. Thanks Admin. You guys are the greatest! If you want an earning opportunity at its best you will not go wrong with GAS.

Andy Bilenki (AKA - speedster264)

Rohayati Razak (Malaysia) :

It something good for those who looking for the side income. Its worth!

Graham McCallum (UK) :

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Admin for bringing this great program out - it is so exactly as stated - " Join Today - Upgrade Today and Earn Today ". I joined on Launch Day and have been in profit ever since and when I requested a pay-out payment was sent within a couple of hours. Long may this program thrive and prosper.

Graham aka screwball


This is a paying opportunity, first of all. I like diversity of marketing tools. The site is easy to use. The most important thing is that I can withdraw to PayPal instantly. This is a constant cash flow in order to Sustain my SFI. Finally, I wish to thank you to my sponor and mentor Carl G, witch strongly recommended me GLOBAL Ad Share Business! All the best to all GAS members, with sympathy and consideration
Jan, aka earnwithjan.goldenlion26 SKYPE

Mike W (USA) :

After I clicked on the withdraw button, the money was in my stp acct thirty mins later.

Marlin Julson (USA) :

One of the Best programs I have ever earned from without ever sponsoring anyone! In 5 weeks earned over $400. Keeps me reinvesting to earn more! Thanks to all who made this possible. I now have a second income stream with GAS.

Abdullah Ridzwan (Malaysia) :

Very good and easy. For all out there where intent to start online business. This is the place. The real online without any hidden agenda.

Thanks to Globaladshare

Robert Hinrichs (USA) :

Global Ad Share has been working like a charm! I am currently in the building stage, as the admin is trusted and has ALWAYS paid me PROMPTLY whenever I have asked for a withdrawal in any of his programs! The site is very easy to use and understand. And I am up to buying at least one type of ad pack every day now! It is GREAT to log in and see my balance grow every day! Robert

Brad Hensley (USA) :

Global Ad Share is a great program to be in...trustworthy ownership...great the last 5 weeks I've earned over $900 and counting! This is the best program to be in and you are rewarded huge for bringing in your friends and family. GAS is a must join program! Fast payouts, fast support...this is my top recommendation for 2013!!!

Richard Jelinek (Czech Republic) :

wow over 200,- my 1st month, this is the best program ive ever been in, and glad its from a very honest person that i can trust and build my future on this. thx Asher for this great opportunity you gave to all of us

John Woods (USA) :

Clean/Honest/Stable and PAYING! In Five Weeks, Life Time Earnings = $273.00

Mark Presler (USA) :

I love this GlobalAdShare program! Everyday (including weekends), I have earned cash from each ad pack I own. It is so exciting that I have reinvested 90% of my earnings and also paid two of my family into their own accounts. We have all three enjoyed earnings roll in several times everyday! Never to late to start a great thing!


Roger Allen (USA) :

I have never seen anything earn money as reliably as GlobalAdShare! It pays me EVERY DAY and I am telling EVERYONE I know to JOIN NOW! The money is coming in consistently and GlobalAdShare's Tech Support is very quick and courteous! They have answered all of my questions usually within an hour or so. In a word they are AMAZING! Tell a friend!

Teresa K (USA) :

Fast payments and the best support! Highly recommended. Thank you Admin for all your help.

Sejn Zukic (Bosna i Hercegovina) :

ovo je super program malo sam ga testirao da li placa ali kad sam se uvjerio definitivno idem dalje sa ulaganjem

Translated to English:
This is a great little program I tested whether paid but when I became convinced definitely go ahead with the investment

Samuel A (USA) :

I have been in many programs and this one is the best. I have earned every single day since I joined. I highly recommend this program to everyone. Thanks Admin. You guys are the greatest!

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