GlobalAdShare is currently doing a Program Upgrade.

Please do not login or buy any adpacks while we are working on the system.
If you are logged in, please log out.

We anticipate the system to be up and running again in a few days.
Once the upgrade is completed, you will see our home page and you can login.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

   ===> Upgrade started...
   ===> wallets installed...
   ===> withdrawal system installed...
   ===> transfer cash enabled...

Refresh page for the latest updates (Dec 15, 2014):
  1. We are implementing a 2 wallet system: a Main wallet and a Purchase wallet.
    • No more Amount Reserved, 75% of earnings will go to the Main wallet and 25% of earnings will go to the Purchase wallet.
    • The amount in the Main wallet can be withdrawn or used for purchases.
    • The amount in the Purchase wallet can be used for purchases only.
    • Your amount reserved will go into your Purchase wallet and, just like in the old system, must be used for purchases.
    • No more second guessing, you can watch your Main wallet grow (purchases from the Purchase wallet will not affect your Main wallet).
    • No more stalling, the amount in the Purchase wallet must be used for purchases (can not be withdrawn) to keep our members earning and our program growing. Keeping the money in the Purchase wallet does not benefit you or anyone else in the system, it will only decrease the profit sharing and the cycling speed.
    • You can withdraw money in your Main wallet minus the money you have in your Purchase wallet. If you want to withdraw all the money in your Main wallet then you must spend all the money in your Purchase wallet. This will ensure that every member participate in our growth and contribute to the success of every member. Purchases from your Purchase wallet do not affect your Main wallet other than allowing you to withdraw more from your Main wallet (if your Purchase wallet is empty, you can withdraw 100% of the money in your Main wallet).

  2. All pending withdrawals will be canceled and put back in the accounts so we can build the 2 wallet system from scratch.
    • The amount reserved will be placed in the Purchase wallet.
    • The remaining amount (if any) will be placed in the Main wallet.

  3. A new withdrawal system will be installed. The new system will be able to handle withdrawals more efficiently and a lot faster than the old system.
    • Withdrawals can be made from the Main wallet only.
    • All withdrawals will be checked for validity and withdrawals with any error will be declined immediately. Please make sure that the information in your Profile page is correct before making any withdrawals!
    • All withdrawals will be routed into different payment stations for payment processing (payment stations are independent of each other and can work concurrently for faster services).
    • Each payment station will check the account and make any necessary adjustments (i.e. program error, error in amounts, etc.) prior to payments.
    • To prevent abuse, there is a $1 processing fee per withdrawal which will be subtracted automatically from the withdrawal amount.

  4. Purchases.
    • Purchases can be paid with the Main wallet or the Purchase wallet.

  5. Profit sharing is based on sales!
    • Profit sharing is based on sales! Please do not send a support ticket asking for it (we do not control sales). As the number of active adpacks increases, we need to increase sales also to maintain the profit sharing amount otherwise it will decrease.
    • As stated on our site "Those who promised a fixed percentage or a fixed amount at a certain fixed time are guaranteed to fail. You can not make a promise based on "unpredictable" future sales. With our system, there is no preset time, frequency, amount, or percentage for profit sharing. It varies throughout the day depending on the number of sales (upgrades and purchases)."

  6. The Transfer option will be enabled again!
    • Transfer amount can only come from the sender's Main wallet.
    • Transfer amount will go into the recipient's Purchase wallet and can be used for purchases only.
    • Maximum amount is $15 per transfer with $1 processing fee.

  7. Modifications in sponsor bonuses and cycling commissions. We will evaluate all pay plans and make changes as necessary.
    • Instead of a one-time (up front) sponsor bonus, we will award sponsors with cycling bonuses which will give sponsors unlimited bonuses as members/referrals can cycle over and over again. This will give our members additional long term income.
    • Cycling bonuses (instead of a one-time sponsor bonus) will also stimulate program growth (give incentive for members to buy adpacks to promote cycling).

  8. Since all the cyclers have grown so big, we will add a new level to some of them to speed up cycling. Please pay attention and take advantage of these changes.
    • The sooner you buy and create a position in the new level, the sooner you will earn.
    • To be fair to all members, members can only buy one position during the first 3 days. This will allow as many members as possible to have a position in the cycler. After the 3rd day, members can buy one position a day like before.

  9. Support tickets.
    • All existing support tickets will be deleted. If you have any questions or need any help, please send a support ticket from your backoffice. Do not send emails. Our email accounts are automated and normally unattended.

  10. Past due accounts.
    • All 90 days (or more) past due accounts will be removed from the Main matrix and lose all downline (if any). You can not earn from the Main matrix (and your downline) if you are not a paying member in the matrix (non-paying members do not contribute anything to the matrix).

  11. Suspended accounts and account terminations.
    • During the upgrade, every account will be checked and those who cheat the system (and those who have cheated and abused the system for many months) will be terminated. We have designed the program so that everyone can earn income. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme (they do not exist), but with time and patience, you can earn a lot from the program. Please remember that hurting the program will also hurt other members including your own account. It is better to earn steadily for many years than earn a little bit more for only a few months!

Once the upgrade is completed, please read the How It Works and FAQ pages (before logging in) thoroughly to make sure that you understand the program (and the new improvements/changes) completely.

Thank you.

Admin Team